I just bought a new Wacom Pen Tablet at store in Japan. At the first time, I install the driver software from the bundled CD and it works without problem. But a few days later, there is a problem occured. When I draw at drawing software (Clip Studio/Paint Tool SAI) using pen tablet, the cursor still can move but the pressure of pen doesn't affected.

I think it might because the driver software is corrupted, because I have turned off my laptop forced. So, I reinstall the driver software and restart my laptop after the installation finished. It works finely again. I turn off my laptop and then doing another activity. When I want to drawing again, the problem is still the same. What is actually happened?

I try to find solutions on the internet, but I have tried it all. Those are not solved the problem. When I almost give up, I read a solution on the forum that solved the problem. Here it is

I think there is a problem with driver software in the bundled CD. So the solution is uninstall your installed driver software from CD and then download the latest your Wacom driver software. Follow this way below to uninstall your Wacom pen tablet driver. I'm using Windows 10, so I press Windows button on the keyboard and then click Settings.


Figure 1. Open the Settings

At Settings window, type "uninstall" on "Find a Setting" and from the results, click "Add or remove programs".


Figure 2. Go to Add or remove programs.

A window that shows list of installed programs will appear. At "Search this list", type "wacom". From the results list as you see at figure 3, click "Uninstall" to uninstall the driver software. It maybe need restart after uninstallation finished.


Figure 3. Uninstall your Wacom driver software.

Now, you need to download the latest driver software of your Wacom tablet at Click "Compatible products" at "Latest Drivers" to make sure your device is compatible. From the list by "Operating system", click "Download" which match with your operating system.


Figure 4. Download the latest driver software.

Install the downloaded driver software by click. You can see it at the bottom of your web browser. It depending on your web browser. I'm using Google Chrome. If you don't see that, you can see it at Downloads list of your web browser. The general way to go there is by press Ctrl+J and you can find it there.


Figure 5. Install the downloaded driver software.

After you installed the driver software, restart maybe required. I have tried this way and it worked.


Figure 6. Wacom Tablet Properties.

If you have tried this way too and it doesn't worked, leave you comment below. Thanks for read, I hope this can help you. Keep visit my website. :)

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