About Us

Our Story

Our founder started his career in Japan by becoming a Japanese school student. After his graduation, he worked in a Japanese company. By trust, he got opportunity to connect that Japan company to Indonesian software startup. That was how this team built.

Some of our team work remotely. We met on social media but we made strong bind. Trust is the important key on making company. We also do the same thing for satisfying our clients.

With his money, our founder likes to buy productive things like camera, lens, laptop, podcast microphone, etc. He bought so many equipments with his salary. He has dream to be a Youtuber but his tasks made him so busy. Then, he gave all the equipments to his brother. That was how our multimedia division built. To expand our business, we recruit reliable talents. We really think about importance of our clients satisfaction.

Our Mission

Empower Japan-Indonesia economy by building better cooperation.

International Bridging

We collaborate with Indonesian software company to help our project from Japanese company.

Youtube Marketing & Management

We help Youtubers to edit their videos into incredible videos. We also help them to get more views and teach them the strategy to become successful Youtuber.

Meet Our Team

International Bridging Division

Ilyas Abdullah

Finance Manager

Said Fachmi Salim

Project Manager

Friczky Fadilah

DevOps Engineer

 Multimedia Division

Said Fachmi Salim

Marketing Manager

Ilyas Abdullah

Production Manager

Al Farizi

Video Editor

Have Any Questions?

If you have any questions you can ask us. Please contact us.

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